Getting engaged in a culture where image is everything 


This blog post was inspired because I recently Got engaged to my lady of almost 3 years..So I’m thankful and really happy about that. However, I come from a ghanian background where image is everything and everyone always has something to say about something they know so little about. If you are not 25 you are not qualified to get married in the ghanian culture..unless your parents are Biblical and understand the gift God has given us in marriage. Giving your thoughts about something whereby you have no solid foundation is a very dangerous thing. I don’t know how People who never walked with you through the ups and downs of your relationship will ever have anything critical to say about your decision to get engaged. Most Ghanaians do not understand the concept of building with your significant other..they think you should already be made before even thinking of getting…

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let it rain

Tales from the Great Adventure

IMG_2980 the Maul end of the cul-de-sac

Rain = Life

The story of these past few days here in North Carolina has been one of rain, clouds, rain, and more rain. We need it; when it’s too dry we worry we’ll never see it again; it’s one of the essential necessities for the presence of life; yet we complain when we don’t get it on our terms. And our terms tend to be limited to, “a couple of times a week, preferably in the night while I’m asleep, so I’m not inconvenienced.”

It’s tempting to leverage the rain as a spiritual metaphor, along the lines of how we need God for life, but too much of God makes us nervous; that we’d be much happier with God on our terms – just once or twice a week, and preferably when God isn’t going to intrude on anything else we have going on.

IMG_2984BALANCE: The idea has merit…

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15 Things Every Man Should Do Before Getting Married

Jarred Moss

Chloe + Caleb by Hawkins Creative

Men are not growing up.

Modern culture devalues marriage in the highest degree, and young men aren’t growing up until they’re thirty. The average age of marriage in the US is 27 for females and 29 for males. (My grandparents got married at 15 and 17.) There’s a host of reasons for this trend, but I believe immaturity, laziness and promiscuity are the biggest causes. We’ve created a culture of men who just do nothing except whatever they want whenever the want and thus never grow into who they are meant to be and never become the servants that our generation needs!

I recently read an article entitled 21 Experiences Every Man Should Have Before Marriage. On the list? Date around, Have sex. Date online, Spend all your money, etc. etc. etc.

It’s this very mindset (have sex, date around, cuss your brains out…

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