Mean What You Say & Say What You Mean!

I’ve come into many situations where i have to decode messages given to me by women. Little did I  know that there were subliminal meanings to the things they say. To those women  I say “Mean what you say and say what you mean!”


Its really annoying to hear someone say one thing but mean another. I find that this happens in relationships a lot. For example:

Male: “Hey babe, whats wrong?”

Female: “Nothing…”

Male: “Are you sure? you look upset..”

Female: ” No its ok, i’m fine”

In this time the man now says “O.k. well she says she’s fine so I’m going to believe her” which becomes an argument in itself. I personally believe if a girl has something thats bothering her that she should her man what the problem is! If you tell me “I’m fine” I’m going to believe your fine. That apparently is not the case when it comes to most women.

Maybe its because I’m not a woman why I don’t understand why they don’t give us men simple and clear answers. Females have this concept that males should be able to decode their faces and read their mind to find the real meaning behind their words.

HELLO, HI! Were not Magicians or Mind readers!

Just for future sake I’m going to help you males with some decoding:

Follow this guide and you will be able to avoid unnecessary battles because you “dont know them at all” …Or women could just give us real answers on how they really feel. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon…


P.S.  I don’t believe all women do this… just most.


It’s The Most Stressful Time Of The Year


I come to you, on this day of reckoning. Not to fill your hearts with stories of sorrow, or testimonies of sadness and defeat. But with reassurance that this season will pass! Exams will be triumphed and we will prevail!


For it is not what you have learned throughout the semester, Nor is it the notes you have taken. The sheer will power and cramming ability we posses is like no other! Stand together, Brace yourselves for Exam season is upon us! Sharpen your no.2 pencils! Prepare your highlighters and sacred ground beverages! For tonight, We Shall


In all seriousness though, Exam season is filled with stress and more stress. If you study hard, and go in with everything you got then there is nothing to be feared but fear itself. Which in this case is in the form of booklets and papers…but to us looks like:


But don’t worry, We got this!