13 Things Every Final Semester College Student Needs To Hear Right Now

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1. It’s okay to be scared. You’re going to be tempted to put a brave face on in front of everyone you know. But as all the clichés have told us across time, being brave isn’t about not have fears, it’s about acknowledging that you do, and facing them anyway.

2. You don’t need to have it all figured out. Whenever we are fast approaching the end of an experience, it can feel like if you don’t have every last detail figured out, things are not going to work out. Well, take it from someone who went from having everything figured out to having nothing figured out in my final semester, the latter is way more interesting.

3. Be prepared but be flexible. You’re making plans, you’re sending out applications, and going on interviews. Or maybe you’re much further than many and you’ve got the job, the city…

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Face Your Fears Head-On, And You’ll Have Nothing Left To Fear

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Nathan Congleton / Flickr.com.Nathan Congleton / Flickr.com.

Though it didn’t start out that way, my life in New York City turned into a constant struggle. A struggle to make ends meet, a struggle to ever relax, a struggle to attain personal fulfillment.

When I was 23, there was no place more exciting, no place filled with more possibility than the Big Apple. I felt motivated and driven to keep up with the pace of it all. It became a place in which I learned to assert myself and to gain independence. After a couple of years, however, I found it an ever increasingly difficult place to live, day in and day out. To call it “home” was a struggle. The fading of the honeymoon period became palpable. Instead of looking forward to Friday night amongst the glittering lights and 2am subway rides, I just wanted to hide. Daily life became exhausting. From the…

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30 Things You Should Probably Be Doing By The Time You’re 30

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1. Waking up earlier than you have to: I know, I know. You’re preaching to the choir, here. I love sleep more than anyone I know. But there is nothing like getting up early and making my own coffee that makes me feel like I have my shit together.

2. Savin’ those dollars: By this point, you should have a savings account with more than $100 in it. Saving money is hard. It’s supposed to be hard. Make an effort, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it pays off. (Oh, oh, oh, get it? GET IT?)

3. Reading the news: (And no, most of ThoughtCatalog does not constitute as news.) Throw the CNN app on your phone if you’re really that pressed for time. Read a few articles on topics you know nothing about. Expand your global view.

4. Taking responsibility for your actions: Yeah, it’s time to stop…

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10 Differences Between Dating A Boy Vs Dating A Man

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1. A man will own up to his mistakes. A boy will make excuses for them.

2. A man will respect your purity. A boy will let his desires control him.

3. A man will respect you no matter the circumstance. A boy will respect you when he wants something in return.

4. A man will do whatever it takes to provide. A boy will make excuses as to why he can’t provide.

5. A man will prepare for the future. A boy lives in the moment.

6. A man looks to gain the respect of your family. A boy look to gain popularity from people around him.

7. A man is firm in his beliefs. A boy changes his beliefs depending on the girl.

8. A man has integrity. A boy makes promises he knows he cannot keep.

9. A man will always take an opportunity to learn. A…

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Be the Unthinkable

Someday you will throw a penny in a wishing well and it will choke because your dreams are just too big for it to swallow.
When the wind disagrees with your voice, when the walls laugh, when the trees make jokes, when the floor questions your footsteps know the truth is a drum machine inside of a house that god built behind your ribs.
Your heart is an ocean of possibility and it beats like a song called “Right here, right now”
Take ownership of your choices because sometimes that’s all we have left to hold onto
I dare u to be more than the sound of textbook pages blowing in the wind, more than a desk in a crowded room, more than a Xerox copy of an article that you didn’t want to read for a class you never wanted to take.
I dare you to be more than a scantron sheet waiting for answers.
Be the pencil that writes our history.
Be the pen that refuses to be erased.
So when the real world stands in front of you, all daunting and scary,
stare into its eyes and say “I’ve been waiting for you”, “I’m ready”.
The world is in need of saving
And God has made you a superhero
He is just waiting for you to put your cape on


Dear Hands,
I get it you like writing poetry
But you can’t bring a metaphor to a gun fight
Dear Eyes,
There are things that I don’t tell you
We both know how terrible you are at keeping secrets
Dear heart,
I trust you so don’t mess things up
Dear Hands,
I said I know you like writing poetry
But you can’t bring a metaphor to a gun fight
Dear Legs,
Walking is the easy part now find a reason
Dear Brain,
You’re a good listener
But you give terrible relationship advice
Dear Hands,
Once again I know you like writing poetry
But you can’t bring a metaphor to a gun fight